The Father in a family is someone who is the male figure in a family. He is there to help the mother raise a child or children. A child will spend their whole life looking up to the big man in the house because he is the one who fixes everything, Spends time playing ball, building a . A father is an important person in a child life, but w

hen a father ends up not being their for the child there is so much missed out on. Not having a dad for seven-teen years is a difficult thing and that is what I had to deal with. Finally realizing the day of longing was over I had a huge feeling of relief. When I looked into my dad loving brown eyes for the very first time it was the most waited for experience in the seven teen years of my life.
The year 2006 was a major turning point in my life, it would be the last time I would physically see my father. I was ten years old, now nineteen going on twenty, almost an entire decade. Of course these years are a pivotal period in one’s development. All of my teenage years, going through high school, playing sports, learning how to drive, etc. All of these are very special moments in a person’s life. It’s the entire transformation from childhood to adulthood. Unfortunately Ive had to go through all of it not knowing my father, without his presence, his voice, his support. And now here I am, having already graduated high school and going through college. Almost a week after my birthday I began searching using online resources that I thought could help me in my search. The only information I had was his first and last name but little did I know that typing Peter Valdivia in the search engine would bring almost 2,000 names. At first I felt like completely giving up but I knew this could be my only chance so I pushed myself and began to look up every name. I eventually eliminated people by location and age, narrowing the search to fifty men that could be the possible match. Of the fifty profiles given for each man there was very little information. Some of the profiles gave e-mail addresses. So I sent e-mails to the ones that showed their addresses. In the e- mail I described my reasons for contacting them and if they felt this pertained to them they could respond.
owing up, my only outlet for this pain was education. I put forth much effort to excel as a student, and this is a habit that I continued to maintain throughout my college career and now in my professional life. No one around me knew what I was dealing with, mainly because they had both parents in their home. My mother, especially, could not understand how I felt, but I’m sure she was sympathetic because she made sure I was still a spoiled brat every now and then. My grandmother was also very compassionate and understanding about my situation, and still is. My grandfather, who passed May 7, 2010, was my father figure. I was extremely close to him and he was very influential in my life. I only wish he could have seen me make it to be a published author. – See more at: http://crissindaponder.com/personal-narrative-essay/#sthash.0whQP0l6.dpuf
though I was not lacking in a father figure. You could say t
Almost a month had gone by and I had got very little to no response from all the names I e-mailed. I was to the point of giving up and saying oh well. I felt that I lived this long without a dad so why care, but at the same time
I felt like crying because I had so many unanswered questions. I was so curious about my dadfs personality and what he does in life. The question that hurt me the most was a why question, I have always wanted to ask him was why did he leave and remain a ghost to me? My whole life I considered my dad dead to me because I could not see a reason why he remained out of my life. I started feeling like it was my fault, or I had did something. I could not understand why a father could abandon his child for so long.
The next day was like any average day for me. I had a basketball game at my school and a lot of people were expected to be there. So that day I got dressed like normal and went to the game. When I walked into the gym the gym was so packed it was hard to notice anyone, but of all the people sitting and talking one man in the corner stood out to me. I thought it was the balloons sitting next to him but it felt like something else. I let it go thinking I was crazy or just being nosey. I forgot about my little incident and went to get ready for the game. After a long game I walked over to give my mom a hug like I routinely do after every game. When I noticed that same man with the balloons walking toward me I was unsure if I knew him or not. I was really confused when he got closer and closer. As the secret man was close enough to me to talk he said with his loving eyes Christina, peter your dad. I could not believe what had just said. I thought somebody was playing a joke on me but my mom leaned over and said yeah that him. He told me he had to work and he had to leave but he gave me his number and told me to call him so we could hang out and talk. My very first hug goodbye was the best feeling in my life. I did not want it to end but I had to.
Later that night we talked on the phone. He told me how he found me using myspace. He said he saw my profile and that I played basketball, which is how he knew I had a game. We had talked for hours on the phone about everything that we both missed. We talked so long it we had ended up talking until two in the morning and I knew that I had class in the morning so we said our goodnights. As soon as I got off the phone I realized I did not ask him the question I really wanted to ask about why he stayed away but I was too tired to call back. I also knew I had the next day to ask him.
Little did I know that the time on the phone would be the first and last night I would talk to my dad? He never called me again and later that week his number become out of service. It has been almost a year since that day and I have moved on. I still go to school and live my life without my dad. I did what I had been doing all the years before I met him. That night changed me by making me stronger, it made me feel like I have had my heart broken and not by a boyfriend but by my dad.

Mothers and fathers obviously parents differently. If children have the combination of what mothers and father bring to parenting, they will have a fuller perspective on life and how to deal with certain situations. Mothers are affectionate, tend to be more comforting, emotional, and enforce the safety of their children. Fathers concentrate alot on discipline, raising obedient children, enforcing success, and a father figure is more physical. When little boys see how fathers treat their mothers or how their father deals with certain situations, do you think it affects them in the way they will treat people, or deal with situations in the future? When little girls see the love, and attention, and protection their father provides, they will know what to expect in a future relationship with another man (Horn).


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