Greetings, community at Iron March, good fellow fascists, radicals and political misfits. I am a resurgent National Socialist who briefly posted here back in the summer of 2013. At the time I had assumed the name of “Brynhelde” and identified as a Danish folkish nationalist. Some of you may even vaguely remember me. Essentially my return to this forum follows a gradual period of personal political transformation, turbulent shifts in my thought and positions, a constant alternating between radicalism and reformism. As I had initially distanced myself from fascism, from the radical right, not due to disagreement but my sheer misunderstandings at the time and perhaps a little arrogance, I had at this time, assumed a real bland, dare I even say cheesy, bread-and-butter bourgeois conservative nationalism. Now this period in my political development was mercifully short lived given the sheer embarrassment of holding such a position, even going so far as to support the likes of Farage and Geert Wilders, labeling them the knights of the West’s darkest hour, even taking a philo-semitic stance and backing Israel. This also presented itself as an intellectual black-hole, cultivation, meaningful constructive debate or dialogue of any kind being strictly limited by the leagues of rank and file simpletons, limp bumpkins, charlatans, disingenuous of all sorts. No sense of direction, other than these same bloated literary catchphrases after catchphrases. Bland chatter of tradition and traditional values, of “reforming” the system, “Western ideals”, read the tomes by Buchanan and etc, correcting the massive, maybe we can reform this or that. Not that their understanding is up to par anyway. because I am an impatient man when it comes to politics


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